ADVICE ON bullying

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Let's put an end to bullying and let's play SOFTBALL!



Founded in August 2015, Lady Bombers Against Bullying Softball which is a nonprofit Organization is committed to leading young ladies of the Bronx to help put an end to bullying.  Bullying in a sports atmosphere occurs every day but lacks the awareness it deserves.  Examples of how bullying occurs include the following: being told one cannot play, lack of fair treatment due to size, exclusion due to physical ability, etc. The list goes on.  One may say to himself/herself, “It has to end. When will it end?”   Lady Bombers Against Bullying  was created to put an end to bullying and make sure the young ladies are able to play softball and have fun.

We are playing for those who have been bullied within a team, school, home, work, or any social environment.  Let’s help others by welcoming them, reinforcing the idea that bullying is not acceptable and putting a stop to it. 

Our organization does not discriminate. No tryouts are involved. We just want you to come, play, and make a difference in someone’s life. 

Let’s put an end to bullying and let’s play some softball!